Monday, August 1, 2011

New Clothes!

Yesterday I went to the mall with Sabrina for a few hours and bought some new clothes. Hooray! I just took some pictures, but the lighting is really bad, so they don't look too good. But here they are!

Shorts from Delia*s. I couldn't get a good shot of them ON me, but the floral pattern is really cute, so here's a pic of that :)

Striped cardigan from Forever21. Camera necklace also from Forever21. Shorts from Nordstrom.
(I'm in a funny pose because I started walking towards the camera before it was done taking the picture :P)

Striped shirt from Forever21. (Same shorts and necklace as previous photo)

Stripey dress from Forever21. I like the cute little bow in the front :)

Ruffled cardigan from Hollister. Knee-length floral skirt from Forever21.

Aha!!! I've found some of the clothes on their stores' websites, so I can also upload those pictures to give you a better idea of what they look like :D
(urgh, just went through the websites trying to find the clothes, but I didn't want to go through hundreds of pages of Forever21 items just to find some of the clothes, so I just uploaded the items that were easy to find)

The stripey dress.

I couldn't find my exact skirt, but this one is quite similar.

The camera necklace! Mine is black with a white pearl, but they didn't have a picture of that.

Prepare yourself for the saddest story you've ever heard.

One day, two girls went shopping. As they walked into one of their favorite stores, one of the girls found an adorable shoe on a shelf. She turned it over to look at the size, and was happily surprised to find that it was just her size! She reached down to grab the other shoe, but it wasn't there! She and her friend spent the whole rest of their time in the store looking around for the shoe, but couldn't find it.
By the time they had armfuls of clothes and were ready to check out, they still hadn't found the shoe. The girl had to put it back, and just hope that someone else would find the matching shoe, and be worthy of the mighty awesomeness the shoes held.

BUT WAIT! The story doesn't have to end sadly! The girl went home and booted up her computer, navigated her way to the store's website, and found the shoes! And they were available in her size! WOOOOO!
The end!

Well, I guess it actually wasn't that sad...

Poo, I was gonna upload some videos of the songs I've been listening to while creating this post, but there's not an "add a video from the web" option :(

Anyway! Byebye!