Monday, August 1, 2011

New Clothes!

Yesterday I went to the mall with Sabrina for a few hours and bought some new clothes. Hooray! I just took some pictures, but the lighting is really bad, so they don't look too good. But here they are!

Shorts from Delia*s. I couldn't get a good shot of them ON me, but the floral pattern is really cute, so here's a pic of that :)

Striped cardigan from Forever21. Camera necklace also from Forever21. Shorts from Nordstrom.
(I'm in a funny pose because I started walking towards the camera before it was done taking the picture :P)

Striped shirt from Forever21. (Same shorts and necklace as previous photo)

Stripey dress from Forever21. I like the cute little bow in the front :)

Ruffled cardigan from Hollister. Knee-length floral skirt from Forever21.

Aha!!! I've found some of the clothes on their stores' websites, so I can also upload those pictures to give you a better idea of what they look like :D
(urgh, just went through the websites trying to find the clothes, but I didn't want to go through hundreds of pages of Forever21 items just to find some of the clothes, so I just uploaded the items that were easy to find)

The stripey dress.

I couldn't find my exact skirt, but this one is quite similar.

The camera necklace! Mine is black with a white pearl, but they didn't have a picture of that.

Prepare yourself for the saddest story you've ever heard.

One day, two girls went shopping. As they walked into one of their favorite stores, one of the girls found an adorable shoe on a shelf. She turned it over to look at the size, and was happily surprised to find that it was just her size! She reached down to grab the other shoe, but it wasn't there! She and her friend spent the whole rest of their time in the store looking around for the shoe, but couldn't find it.
By the time they had armfuls of clothes and were ready to check out, they still hadn't found the shoe. The girl had to put it back, and just hope that someone else would find the matching shoe, and be worthy of the mighty awesomeness the shoes held.

BUT WAIT! The story doesn't have to end sadly! The girl went home and booted up her computer, navigated her way to the store's website, and found the shoes! And they were available in her size! WOOOOO!
The end!

Well, I guess it actually wasn't that sad...

Poo, I was gonna upload some videos of the songs I've been listening to while creating this post, but there's not an "add a video from the web" option :(

Anyway! Byebye!


  1. Hey Tallulah!!! :D how's it going?! :) I'm pretty sure u should be able to post a vid on here cause Arglefumph/Michael Grey's able to do it...hmm...though I don't have a blog so I don't know how...sorry. :( Hope I was able to help u though! I just decided to check out ur blog again cause I was bored so I did and...ur back!!!! :D OH! u have tips 4 grade 7??? That's the grade in going into... O.O Hey...have u heard of the Ace Attorney series? I LOOOOVE it!!! It's my FAVORITE game!!! :D Michael G. did a walkthrough his other channel!
    He's finishing up the last case of the AWESOME PW (Phoenix Wright) trilogy which I just finished 2 weeks ago... :`(
    from, N.E.W. !!! ;D lol

  2. Hello! I'm pretty good, how are you?
    My guess is that Michael is uploading his OWN videos, and my computer is being funky so the videos I uploaded from my camera aren't playing :/ Apparently you can't upload videos from the internet.
    Haha, I really do apologize for being gone for so long. I was really busy last year (seventh grade), so I didn't have time for anything but school, homework, and socializing. No blog time!
    Hmm. I suppose I could try to muster some tips..
    Well, I suggest you put schoolwork first. Grades, not social status, should be your main focus in life right now. While I doubt seventh grade grades are going to matter much (or at all) on things such as college or job applications, it's important to start good-student habits right now, so that they will get stronger and better developed over time.
    Also, DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, get involved in drama. It's petty and stupid and pointless. There is no way drama could ever improve your life.
    Make sure you have trustworthy friends. There is not much worse than a friend who goes behind your back and gossips about you. I have seen that happen to quite a few people at school, and it always makes me thankful that I have such good friends. Quality over quantity, you know?
    I guess that's all the tips I have :) If I think of any more, I will tell you.
    I have not heard of the Ace Attorney series or the Phoenix Wright trilogy, but I'm glad you're having fun with them! :D
    I think maybe I'll do a post later today.. We'll see!

    P.S. My apologies if the picture at the top of the blog is 'creepy'. I like it though, I'm pretty proud of it :D

  3. I'm good too! :) Thanks for the tips! The problem is that well...most of the girls r kind gossip girls sadly... :/ Sometimes they can be nice IF ur nice to them (which I make sure sure I am cause u do NOT wanna get on their bad side or else they'll gossip about u and make up rumors and stuff which is really sad cause I know they can be better than that! :`( ) The problem is the only two ppl in my grade who DON'T gossip and r REALLY nice (1 of them is my BEST BEST friend! :D) went to LFI (Late French Immersion) so I'm kinda forced to be friends with them...not that I don't want to be friends with some of them but...I just HATE it when they talk about other ppl behind their backs and everything...u know? :/ U know the TV show Gossip Girl? If u don't know it, it's REALLY dramatic and stuff and my VERY first dance felt like an episode of it...ugh... :P Long story short I danced with my 'crush' and found out I DON'T like, like of my friends asked me to ask her crush to ask her to slow dance with and his BF has a crush on HER and when he heard me ask her crush he ran to bathroom and locked himself in there and cried... :`( So, my friend never got to dance with him, my other friend was dancing with this guy for the ENTIRE dance, but now we know that he doesn't like her and doesn't care about her at ALL and ALSO my OTHER friend asked to to ask her crush to ask her to dance with her and when she asked me I was thinking in my head: "Why would it be easier to ask MY CRUSH to dance with me than to ask her crush to dance with her?! I do NOT LIKE him!!! I CAN'T!!!!! I just CAN'T!!!!!" and now I MIGHT...MIGHT like, like him but I'm not postive so I'm trying to get to know him better but it's hard cause acts shy around me (which is weird cause he's a social butterfly to everyone else! I serious! O.o)! OH! And at the second dance (valentines day) guess what!!! He slow danced with me twice!!!! :D Well...ok the secnd time my friend told hime to but...the first time HE ASKED ME WHEN I WAS STANDING NEXT TO SOMEONE WHO ASKS ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D Oh jeez....I need to calm asked this author of a kids romance 4 advice and she said to ask him to come over to my place to hang out and since I'm shy also I decided to have a small get together with more than just him, but he STILL hasn't replied to my email!!!! O.O G2G!!! BYE!!!

  4. Oh my god. That was one of the most confusing things I've ever tried to read. That sounds... extremely complicated. I am brain-dead O_O
    Don't be afraid to explore the social options at school, there could be loads of people you don't know very well who could turn out to be great friends.

  5.'s kinda hard to there's LOTS of drama in life sadly... :P ESPECIALLY my love life...when I was in kindergarten this guy told he liked me and I said that I didn't back and chased me around every single recess for the rest of the year and stuff...long story short the teacher's wouldn't help even when I asked and he kept bullying me and my bro was be bullied too (he was even BIT!) so the next year we moved skools and then my best guy friend and his BF told me that they BOTH LIKED me and I said that I LIKED my best guy friend and then I found out that (I THOUGHT) I had a crush on my best guy friend actually! And u know the :P TOO much to explain on ONE blog might be longer than my last one... O.O lol I know how ppl in soaps and dramatic show, etc. feel, only it's WORSE 4 them! O.O I feel BAD for them!!!

  6. Did u see HP part 2 yet?! I saw it the third day it was out!!! okay...sorry...I should NOT brag...*shakes head at self* I LOVED it!!!!! It. Was. EPIC!!!! 8D Now I'm reading the first book!!!! :D

  7. What the heck? I didn't think kindergartners COULD 'like' each other.. Obviously I was wrong. Your first two years of elementary school sound horrid.
    I saw Deathly Hallows part 2 on opening night at 12 AM :)

  8. They were...*shudder* LUCKY!!!! My mom would NOT let me go to a midnight showing and I know this cause she NEVER let's me 20 year old sister go so...yeah... :P Did u dress up??? Michael Gray went on opening night too and he went as a hobo (which if I'm right is NOT from HP...OHHHH!!!!!!!! I think it's a character from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney he dressed up as!!!haha)have u heard of Final Fantasy??? Particularly the seventh game??? many "Have u heard of this?"!!!!! O.O haha I'm OBSESSED with it!!!!! Well....I don't think I'm THE MOST obsessed fan out there, but my family thinks I am.... O.o